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2013 Responsible Business Report
Lloyds Banking Group announces the publication of its 2013 Responsible Business report which, for the first time, and in line with industry best practice, is forward facing as well as backwards looking.  Launched at the same time as the Group’s Annual Report and Accounts, it demonstrates real alignment with the bank’s corporate purpose to help Britain’s households, businesses and communities to prosper and its strategy to be the best bank for customers.
Helping Britain Prosper Plan
The first part of the report introduces a new, simple and ambitious Helping Britain Prosper Plan which sets out seven public commitments and 26 measurable metrics.
Lloyds Banking Group Commitments:

  1. We’ll help more customers get on the housing ladder – and more customers climb up it
  2. We’ll help our customers plan and save for later life
  3. We’ll take a lead in financial inclusion to enable all individuals to access, and benefit from, the products and services they need to make the most of their money
  4. We’ll help businesses to start up and scale up and we will procure responsibly
  5. We’ll help businesses and individuals succeed with expert mentoring and training
  6. We’ll be the banking group that brings communities closer together to help them thrive
  7. We'll better represent the diversity of our customer base and our communities at all levels of the Group

The Helping Britain Prosper Plan is Lloyds Banking Group’s response to some of the big issues facing the UK today such as a lack of affordable housing, the challenge of finding a job or escaping the trap of financial exclusion, the health issues that arise as more of us live longer and the difficulties of starting or running a successful business in tough times.  The Group has focused the Plan on the issues it believes it is best placed to help its customers tackle and has been designed to have the power to influence the most change for the benefit of its stakeholders.  An ambition for economic and social stability is at the heart of every thriving society as it’s the foundation that health, education and happiness is built on – the Helping Britain Prosper Plan is Lloyds Banking Group’s commitment to helping  achieve this ambition.
The Helping Britain Prosper Plan will drive Lloyds Banking Group to achieve even more for its stakeholders over the next few years with progress against targets being reported on an annual basis.

Commenting on the 2013 Responsible Business report and Helping Britain Prosper Plan; António Horta-Osório, Group Chief Executive, Lloyds Banking Group said:
"The Helping Britain Prosper Plan incorporates bold, public commitments to help address some of the big issues facing Britain today. It demonstrates to customers that their concerns are our concerns. It's about putting customers at the heart of everything we do as an organisation, wherever we do business. Being the best bank for customers means offering simple, relevant products to people at all levels of society across Britain. Not just those enjoying relative prosperity; but also those facing financial difficulties, coping with disabilities, striving to buy their first home or find their first job. To be the 'best' we must help all of our customers. Only when customers and other stakeholders see that we are doing the right thing for them, will they trust us fully again.”
Responsible Business 2013 Performance
The second part of the report focuses on the Group’s performance as a responsible business in 2013 against five Responsible Business pillars; customers, colleagues, communities, the environment and external stakeholders. It reports in this way to ensure that all aspects of its non-financial performance are addressed and because the five pillars are integral to the Group’s strategy and are the basis upon which its Code of Business Responsibility has been constructed.
The Group has undertaken a much more comprehensive materiality review this year with internal and external stakeholders helping guide the Responsible Business Report content as a whole.  This is in addition to the formal independent Stakeholder Panel which has been in place for the second year running and which includes representatives from customers, colleagues, communities, suppliers, business ethics specialists and investors.
The Responsible Business Report highlights some significant progress during 2013 that supports the Group’s commitment to helping Britain prosper by being the best bank for customers.  The Group is proud to report that it has:

  • Supported 120,000 new small and medium sized businesses to start up, helping a total of 470,000 businesses in four years
  • Exceeded its commitment to lend £6.5 billion to 60,000 first-time buyers; by lending over £9.7 billion to 81,000 first-time buyers
  • Offered 1,000 apprenticeship places to young people, building on the success of its 2012 National Apprenticeship pilot
  • Invested £85 million in UK communities, including £29 million to its Foundations
  • Giving grants to over 1,500 community groups across the UK through the Community Fund programme
  • Achieved a reduction in energy use of 12.7% against the 2009 baseline taking the Group closer towards its 2020 target of a 30% reduction
  • Paid suppliers in 23 days on average

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