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UPS releases its annual 2012 Sustainability Report with the theme 'More of What Matters'


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Today, UPS released its annual 2012 Sustainability Report with the theme “More of What Matters.” Environmental achievements included ground and air fuel savings, increased investments in alternative fuel vehicles and retooled routes that shaved 12.1 million miles from ground deliveries. The company has also set a new alternative fuel goal: by 2017, to reach 1 billion miles driven by alternative fuel/advanced technology fleet – more than double the previous 400 million mile goal.

For the second year in a row, UPS earned superior credentials for reporting transparency:  its new report fulfills the Global Reporting Initiative’s requirements for an A+ level, as well as third-party assurance of its report and greenhouse gas data from Deloitte & Touche LLP.

The company also details its fuel conservation and carbon reduction programs: UPS reduced its absolute global greenhouse gas emissions from operations and purchased energy of 2.1 percent compared to 2011, notable in a year that also saw shipping volumes increase.  

UPS has also revealed plans to purchase nearly 1,000 new liquefied natural gas (LNG) long-haul trucks by the end of 2014 – expanding its current fleet of 2,700 alternative fuel and technologically advanced vehicles. The fleet today includes all-electric, electric hybrids, hydraulic hybrids, natural gas (LNG, compressed natural gas), propane and biomethane.

But sustainability at UPS goes far beyond environmental initiatives. UPS is a global logistics partner in the healthcare industry, with 36 dedicated healthcare facilities and more than 6 million square feet of distribution space, UPS helps its customers ensure that patients’ needs are met on a timely basis.

In 2012, UPS partnered with disaster relief organizations around the world, providing emergency support to 35 different countries. The company and its employees also gave $97.5 million in total charitable contributions last year and 1.8 million volunteer hours.

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UPS reports reduction of total greenhouse gas emissions - Press Release

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