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BT's Better Future Report 2013


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The report unveils BT's new Better Future strategy to use the power of communication to improve lives, ways of doing business and to make their overall impact on society a positive one. Being a responsible and sustainable business leader is one of BT’s strategic priorities to grow the value of their business, and in 2013/13 they invested £27m to support this commitment.

Connected Society

Vision: To help improve society globally through the power of digital connections.
Goal: More than 9 out of 10 people in the UK will have access to fibre based products and services.
2012/13 highlights: 15m UK properties now have high-speed broadband access thanks to their £2.5bn investment and 15 regional projects are helping thousands to become competent internet users. Further afield, their Connecting Africa initiative is providing internet services via satellite to 20 locations, benefiting up to 700,000 people.

Net Good

Vision: To help society live within the constraints of our planet’s resources through our products and people.
Goal: BT will help customers reduce carbon emissions by at least three times the end-to-end carbon impact of their business.
2012/13 highlights: Despite increased business volumes, they've achieved their own target of hitting an 80% reduction in carbon emissions three years ahead of deadline. They have also reduced their energy consumption by 3.3%, saving the business £33m, and launched the Better Future Supplier Forum to encourage suppliers to drive innovation in sustainability.

Improving Lives

Vision: To help improve hundreds of millions of lives globally through BT's products and people.
Goal: To use their skills and technology to help generate more than £1bn for good causes.
2012/13 highlight: BT have helped raise £59 million for charitable causes, including: more than £25m through the BT MyDonate fundraising, telethon and appeals platform; £3.9m through employee payroll giving (incl. BT supplementary contribution); and 43,600 volunteering days of BT time to community projects worth an estimated £13m.

Being a better business

All of BT's work is underpinned by their people. In their daily work they strive to maintain good business practices. That means maintaining high standards of ethics, human rights, privacy and data security. It also means managing BT's relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and governments.

Stakeholders helping BT to create a Better Future

BT's three goals for 2020 shape their Better Future vision for growing sustainably in the years to come, especially in new emerging markets. They’re built on what BT do best – bringing together their networks and technology with the expertise of their people to make a better world. But every customer, partner and supplier also has a part to play. Feedback from all of BT's stakeholders helps them continue to shape their strategy and communicate what they do better.

Better Future Forum

Continuing their drive toward a Better Future, on 2nd and 3rd July BT will host their inaugural Better Future Forum. It’s an online platform designed to share and co-create new thinking that will help companies like BT to tackle some of the complex and multifaceted issues linked to the delivery of sustainability ambitions. To register for the event which will focus on the power of ‘net positive’ strategies within the circular economy, visit

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