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Ericsson publishes Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility report


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Ericsson's 2011 Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility report, entitled Technology for Good, released today, highlights the company's ongoing efforts to help create a more sustainable world. Click here for a PDF copy of the report.
Ericsson believes that the transformational power of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) that can both spur socio-economic development and put us on the path to a low-carbon economy has never been greater.
Key highlights include:
Urbanization and sustainable cities - Ericsson recognizes the increasingly important role of cities in future sustainable development:
  • Ericsson's research indicates that the increase in overall energy consumption from ICT will be moderate through 2020, thanks to gains in network energy efficiency.
  • Ericsson became a founding member of the New Cities Foundation, an institution dedicated to improving quality of life and work in a 21st century global city.
  • Ericsson's CEO chaired the Climate Change Working Group of the Broadband Commission, which delivered a report that made high-level policy recommendations on ICT's role in tackling climate change. "The Broadband Bridge: Linking ICT with Climate Action for a Low-Carbon Economy".
Energy efficient solutions - The ICT industry can help lead the transition to a low-carbon economy through greater resource efficiency:
  • Ericsson has increased 3G/4G energy efficiency by 85% in radio base stations over the last decade.
Positive socio-economic impacts of ICT - Ericsson takes a holistic approach to meeting the needs of the "last" billion users at the base of the pyramid, enabling communication for all:
  • Key initiatives such as Connect To Learn, Refugees United and Ericsson Response made significant progress in 2011.
 Human Rights and freedom of expression
  • During 2011, Ericsson committed to work actively with the new UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights, and strengthened internal due diligence processes in light of this.
More information is available on the Ericsson Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility website

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