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GlaxoSmithKline publishes its 2011 CR Report


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GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK) new Corporate Responsibility Report reiterates its commitment to operate responsibly, openly and transparently and sets out advances made on this agenda during 2011.

As a science-led global healthcare company, GSK makes innovative products that are used by millions of people around the world. The products GSK develops and manufactures and the way this is done contributes directly to the health and well-being of patients and consumers, and indirectly to society and the economy. The company places great importance on what it achieves but also on how it is achieved and believes that business should play a greater role in tackling social, economic and environmental challenges.

The report is structured around four core areas that GSK sees as important for sustainable business growth and where it believes it can make the most significant contribution: Health for all, People and communities, Our behaviour and Our planet.

Highlights outlined the new report, available at show that in 2011 the company:

Health for all
  • Made a new commitment to supply up to 125 million doses of GSK's anti-diarrhoeal vaccine Rotarix at 95% reduction to western market price.
  • Invested £3.8 million through partnerships with AMREF, CARE International and Save the Children to support training of frontline healthcare workers in the Least Developed Countries.
  • Received first results from the ongoing phase III studies with its malaria vaccine candidate RTS,S showing  it is able to reduce the risk of malaria by half in African children aged 5 to 17 months over a one year period after vaccination.
  • Helped create a new coalition led by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to control or eliminate 10 of the 17 neglected tropical diseases by 2020.
Our people and communities
  • Continued to focus on diversity and inclusion, 26% of its most senior managers are women and over 40% of the total workforce are now employed in the Emerging Markets, Asia Pacific and Japan regions.
  • Gave £204 million in global community investment, including £126 million in product donations valued at cost.
Our behaviour
  • Developed new sales models - de-coupling the pay of sales representatives in the USA from the number of prescriptions issued.
  • Updated its Global Code of Practice for Promotion and Customer Interactions bringing greater consistency to operating practices across the company.
Our planet
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions from its facilities by 5.3% (overall CO2 impact rose slightly due to increased production volumes); reduced water use by 6.9% and decreased waste sent to landfill by 25%.
  • Developed a product carbon footprint approach that will be used to identify carbon hotspots and measures to reduce them.
Sir Andrew Witty, GSK's Chief Executive Officer, said:

"At GSK, we firmly believe that operating in a responsible and ethical way is essential for the success of our business. This underpins the way we work and how we develop our business model to ensure we deliver sustainable financial performance and provide shared value to patients, consumers and governments. We are making good progress and we will continue to challenge ourselves and review our plans and commitments across each of the four areas, looking to establish further long term goals and targets which will demonstrate our commitment to responsible, values-based business. We will continue to be restless, to challenge ourselves and to ask what more we can do."

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