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Towards a sustainable Heathrow: a focus on education, employment & skills


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The fourth in a new series of sustainability briefings entitled 'Towards a Sustainable Heathrow' is launched by BAA this week. The latest issue will provide a focus on education, employment & skills and is available at

'Towards a Sustainable Heathrow' marks a move away from BAA's traditional annual corporate responsibility report. The series will provide a frequent and accessible insight into how BAA works with companies operating at Heathrow and a range of partners to manage sustainability performance at the airport.

As the owner of Heathrow airport, BAA makes it clear that it takes sustainable development seriously - and states that while the benefits of air travel are significant, it is committed to maximising the national and local economic contribution of Heathrow while minimising impacts on local communities and the environment.

With ever-increasing scrutiny of the aviation industry's impact on society, BAA argues that its license to operate and grow Heathrow relies on demonstrating that economic, environmental and community impacts are effectively managed.

The series builds on a focus on 'climate change', 'noise' and 'air quality' and will continue throughout 2011 with a focus on 'the economy', waste, water and biodiversity.

To provide feedback or request further information, contact Iain Groark, Head of Sustainability at BAA, via

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