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Report shows savings convince businesses to dive into water stewardship


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Ethical Corporation's new report 'Unlocking the Profit in Water Savings, 2nd Edition' reveals how leading companies have designed their water management strategy, and how water security helps business flow smoothly.

52 per cent of the 96 sustainability professionals surveyed by Ethical Corporation for this 2010 report rank water stewardship as one of their top five responsible business concerns.

99 per cent believe that water will become more of a priority for businesses in the next five to ten years, while 34 per cent primarily address water management through reduced use and increased efficiency. This focus is no surprise given its potential for massive cost savings.

The report dives into specific water efficiency measures for various companies, and details the associated returns on investment. The measures that have the largest effect on companies' water use and costs are mainly recycling or re-using water, measuring and reporting on water use and using technical solutions to increase water efficiency.

Whitbread, for example, as implemented aerated showerheads, dual-flush toilets, sensors on urinals and water recycling at a cost of £173,000 annually, but with savings of £350,000 a year.

In Ethical Corporation's Unlocking the Profit in Water Savings, 2nd Edition report leading companies reveal what water strategies work, what delivers payoffs, and what their key water concerns are for the future. To find how you can benefit from managing water risks and the business opportunities in doing so, get your free report summary here.

Pamela Muckosy,
Head of Research
Ethical Corporation

+44(0) 207 375 7230

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