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GE releases Fifth Annual Citizenship Report


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Today, GE released its fifth annual Citizenship Report, entitled Resetting Responsibilities.  The 2008 report covers GE’s worldwide operations for the 2008 fiscal year and reviews GE’s corporate responsibility initiatives from the perspective of four key themes – energy and climate change, demographics, growth markets and financial markets.  The report includes an in-depth discussion on the relationship between business and society during the global recession.

“Governments, business and society must all play a role in recharging our economies, solving societal problems and creating jobs,” said Jeff Immelt, chairman and CEO of GE.  “GE’s integrity, our experience and our focus on the social needs of health, infrastructure, energy, finance and education position us as a natural partner in managing a sustainable economic recovery.”

Highlights in this year’s report include:

•    A reconvened Expert Advisory Panel that offered comments, questions and suggestions for the report and provided an unedited letter of public commentary. Also included is GE’s response to last year’s panel letter;
•    An update on our human rights statement of principles implementation, international training & development performance, policy updates on rule of law and other initiatives;
•    A reporting format that aligns the Company’s business themes with its citizenship priorities, including a focus on Operational Excellence;
•    Summaries of healthcare, water and energy products that address global needs;
•    Updated metrics and content on all performance areas including Environment, Health & Safety, Suppliers, Compliance & Governance, Employees, Public Policy, Customers, Products & Services and Communities & Philanthropy.

To sign up for more information about GE’s corporate citizenship initiatives and practices, please visit

The report illustrates how GE is working with key stakeholders such as employees, customers, investors, governments, academia and others to tackle some of the world’s toughest problems.  Reflecting this engagement is the inclusion of more than 20 perspectives from global thought leaders on key issues. The report, related performance data and other content are available to users via the Company’s citizenship website. For more information, contact Frank Mantero, Director, Corporate Citizenship Programs: 203-373-3534,

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