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Achmea releases CSR report


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Achmea, based in The Netherlands, and part of the European group, Eureko,  truly believes in 'giving something back to society', and acts accordingly, not just paying 'lip service' to the objective. Employees are encouraged to participate in various social projects, so that it is not solely a corporate issue. Achmea's roots were formed as a co-operative organisation, and it represents a 'best of breed' approach to its perceived obligations to both society and the planet. As an insurer, Achmea believes it must have a broad focus on the responsibilities inherent in the financial sector, and does not believe that profit should be its sole goal. It aims to offer a balance between its performance as a business and issues related to a number of social themes which are often rooted in insurance-related matters, such as affordable care and the treatment of more vulnerable groups in society.

Achmea's social responsibility is shaped primarily through the integration of CSR into its core processes, because it views that as the true essence of CSR.  The main core processes are investing (CSR has been integrated into Eureko’s investment strategy since 2006), sales, underwriting and claims handling. CSR elements are also integrated into its day-to-day operations (the company aims to be CO2 neutral by 2012).

Achmea demonstrates its social involvement through a wide variety of initiatives, such as co-operative micro-insurance, which can help reduce people's economic vulnerability, specifically in the developing world, and the Eureko Achmea Foundation that helps more vulnerable sections of society in such projects as:
- a foundation in The Netherlands that focuses on the children of asylum-seekers;
- the launch of an education centre in rural south-east Turkey, to stimulate  the emancipation of girls and women;
- a micro-justice project in Bolivia that develops legal aid for those who would normally have no access;
- providing the knowledge, people and resources to developing countries to help establish pension provisions, in India, for example.

The Achmea CSR Report offers an impression of the many CSR-related activities undertaken on a day-to-day basis. Achmea’s stakeholder approach generated the topics and themes on which the Report is based, namely: Confidence, Solidarity, Prevention, Innovation and Worldwide improvement, Climate and Sustainable investment.

To access the report, in Dutch go to: > Over Achmea > MVO

and in English: >Discover Eureko > Corporate Social Responsibility

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