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E.ON publishes its 2008 Corporate Responsibility Report


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E.ON AG has published its 2008 corporate responsibility report at

For the first time, E.ON's CR report is fully integrated into the company's Group website - stressing that CR is an integrated part of the business.

The main feature of E.ON's online reporting is different page formats which complement each other: Background pages highlight the relevance of a topic and communicate E.ON's position on the matter. Case studies clarify various topics with concrete examples and best practice solutions. And the externally verified "CR Performance 2008" pages provide a transparent summary of the results of E.ON's CR activities in the reporting year.

The report is complemented by a short CR magazine in printed form.

Core topics discussed in the reporting are:

- examples of how E.ON is working on new solutions to energy challenges, including why it believes nuclear has a role to play in the future energy mix, opportunities and challenges of renewables and the business case for energy efficiency.

- insights into how E.ON addresses key CR issues such as occupational safety, community involvement and customer orientation.

- A new section called 'Dialog' that highlights the importance of open and honest discussions with stakeholders as a way to promote mutual understanding and to incorporate external expectations into the business

- E.ON's position for the Copenhagen climate negotiations in Dec 2009, calling on the international community to strengthen and intensify the process to fight climate change.

E.ON bases its reporting on the guidelines laid down by the Global
Reporting Initiative (GRI), provides a progress report as part of the United Nations Global Compact, and covers the information requirements of the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC).

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