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Hydro-Québec, a world leader in hydropower generation, publishes its Sustainability Report 2016

The company generates, transports and distributes electricity to more than 4 million customers in the province of Québec. It also exports it’s clean, renewable power and commercializes its unique expertise and innovations on world markets. Hydro-Québec carries out its activities in a spirit of sustainable development and its sustainability vision goes well beyond the environment. The company endeavors to contribute to the province’s economic vitality and to encourage stakeholders to participate in its decisions. Hydro-Québec is leading the energy revolution.

2016 highlights:

  • 99% - Hydro-Québec’s energy portfolio comprises mainly renewable energies: 99% hydropower generated by the company, as well as wind, solar and biomass energy purchased from independent producers.
  • 7.95 million - Thanks to Hydro-Québec’s exports, 7.95 million metric tons of GHG emissions were avoided. Our GHG emissions have been reduced by 91% since 1990.
  • 91% - By developing a corporate culture focused on pride and results, we made customers the focus of our decisions and enhanced the performance of our customer relations centres. The efforts we made to better meet customer expectations are beginning to yield results, as evidenced by an overall satisfaction index of 91% in 2016, up from 82% in 2015.
  • $134 million in R&D - Innovation is the core of Hydro-Québec’s activities. Fifty years ago, we inaugurated the world’s first 735-kV transmission line. Today, we are working at finding durable technological solutions to optimise the power system and extend its life expectancy. We want to make the grid smarter, more automated and more flexible.
  • 100+ projects - Hydro-Quebec's network is present in every region of the province and so are our activities. We endeavor to encourage stakeholders to participate in our decisions through our public participation process. In 2016, over 100 projects were subject to this process. Over 1,000 generation and transmission projects were underway in 2016.
  • A $6-billion contribution to the Québec economy - Hydro-Québec’s contribution to the Québec economy is outstanding, with 4% of the Gross Domestic Product: billions of dollars invested as well as thousands of jobs created and maintained. Last year, $2.1 billion was paid to its shareholder, the Québec government, in the form of a dividend, and 94% of its goods and services were purchased in Québec.

The Sustainability Report 2016 is the fifteenth such report produced by Hydro-Québec.

Hydro-Québec Sustainability

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