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VisionFund International, Microfinance Network – Social Performance Report


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VisionFund International, World Vision's network of over 30 microfinance institutions across Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, presents its 2016 Social Performance Report.

In 2016, VisionFund lent $USD729 million to 1.2 million clients around the world, sustaining 2,400,000 jobs in developing countries. With the ultimate aim of impacting the lives of children, 72% of VisionFund’s clients are women, a figure that rises to 92% in Asia. Through microfinance and economic empowerment, VisionFund touched the lives of 4.4 million children in 2016.

VisionFund’s impact multiplies through partnerships with other organisations in holistic programme delivery. In 2016, these partnerships have been especially fruitful, bringing thousands of water pumps to farmers in Zambia, latrines to families in the Philippines, and water filters to households in Cambodia. VisionFund is also moving further into fragile contexts, entering the Democratic Republic of Congo this year.

VisionFund was created in 2003 to bring financial services and lending to some of the poorest and most vulnerable communities in the world. With small loans, savings facilities, insurance, and training, VisionFund clients are able to establish and develop farms and small businesses to earn income and educate, feed and clothe their children, and create jobs.  In doing so, VisionFund grows livelihoods and transforms communities around the world.

Media Contact:
Sophie Hoult
Global Communications Manager
VisionFund International
+44 7493 869350

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