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BT report reveals how putting purpose first brings business benefits and helps customers, society and the environment


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The latest Delivering our Purpose report from BT shows how putting sustainability at the heart of the business is delivering against the company’s ambitious 2020 goals.
BT’s purpose is to use the power of communications to make a better world. Sustainable and responsible business behaviour is at the heart of this ambition and the latest report outlines how the global communications company is focused on delivering positive change across a number of local and global challenges including climate change, social disadvantage and online safety.
The Delivering our Purpose report also shows BT’s progress towards its 2020 ambitions including

  • BT has helped 2.6 million people overcome social disadvantage through the company’s products and services in its first year on the way to its 10 million target
  • In the 2014/15 academic year BT helped 344,000 children receive better training in computing and tech skills, the first step to reaching the target of 5 million
  • BT helped customers avoid 7.6 million tonnes of CO2e emissions, and generated £3.6 billion revenue from the products and services that are helping them do it
  • Over a quarter (27%) of BT people volunteered with charities and communities, and BT used its skills and technology to help generate £327 million of its 2020 £1 billion goal for good causes

“With purpose at the heart of BT we’re continuing to make a positive impact on the world, and helping to tackle a diverse range of global challenges. This report shows that we’re on track to meet our 2020 goals, and that we’re contributing to solving some of the bigger challenges we as a society will face over the coming years, from climate change to access to an inclusive approach to connectivity and growth.” said Niall Dunne, Chief Sustainability Officer, BT Group

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