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Vivendi Integrated Report Now Available: Focus on Value Creation and Human Rights


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For the third consecutive year, Vivendi has dedicated a section of its Annual Report to a summary report highlighting the company’s achievements in creating long-term value for all of its stakeholders.

This allows the group’s stakeholders to have a grid that provides an overview of its missions, its performance, its growth drivers, its corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments, its strategy, its risks and its opportunities. This section of the Annual Report complements the chapter fully focused on CSR policy and indicators.

“Vivendi has chosen to release its integrated reporting process inside its Annual Report for the third consecutive year. This process is inherent in the analysis of the value creation by Vivendi for stakeholders. It represents a continuation of the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.” Pascale Thumerelle, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Vivendi, said.

Driven by the will to link CSR and value creation, Vivendi pursued its approach to integrated reporting. After launching a pilot project focused on cultural capital in 2013, Vivendi is focusing on value creation for its stakeholders: artists, employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, and more generally, all of civil society. These selected figures illustrate how financial and extra-financial value is shared with the different partners of the group:

  • 31% of marketing and recording investment of Universal Music France is dedicated to new talent (artists releasing their first album);
  • 65% of Universal Music Group sales are generated by local artists in their own country;
  • 18% of investments (excluding sports) of Canal+ Afrique are allocated to the production of local African content;
  • 25% of the films pre-purchased by Canal+ in 2015 directed by women;
  • 3.3% of Vivendi’s capital is held by employees;
  • 42% of the group’s managers are women;
  • 78% of purchases are made from local suppliers.

This year, Vivendi highlights its contribution to human rights in its sphere of influence as a global integrated industrial group in media and content. Aware of the human and cultural influence that the group exerts over millions of customers and citizens, Vivendi has defined its contribution to human rights through a direct link with its content production and distribution business. The group bases its social responsibility on four strategic “core” issues which are directly linked to its operations: promoting cultural diversity, empowering and protecting youth, sharing knowledge and reconciling the valuation and protection of personal data. Connecting those four “core” CSR issues with human rights allows the group to reinforce vigilance towards human rights into its governance (extra-financial reporting, risk analysis, inclusion of these CSR issues in the variable remuneration of senior executives, presentation to the board of directors) and its strategy.

The value creation circuit, appearing on pages 28 and 29, summarizes the sharing of financial and extra-financial value produced by Vivendi with its main stakeholders.

This innovative integrated reporting approach demonstrates that societal priorities are a primary focus of the company’s CSR strategy.

You can read more about Vivendi’s overall CSR approach by visiting

About Vivendi
Vivendi is an integrated media and content group. The company operates businesses throughout the media value chain, from talent discovery to the creation, production and distribution of content. The main subsidiaries of Vivendi comprise Canal+ Group and Universal Music Group. Canal+ is the leading pay-TV operator in France, and also serves markets in Africa, Poland and Vietnam. Canal+ operations include Studiocanal, a leading European player in production, sales and distribution of film and TV series. Universal Music Group is the world leader in recorded music, music publishing and merchandising, with more than 50 labels covering all genres. A separate division, Vivendi Village, brings together Vivendi Ticketing (ticketing in the UK, the U.S and France), MyBestPro (experts counseling), Watchever (subscription video-on-demand), Radionomy (digital radio), the Paris-based concert venue L’Olympia, the future CanalOlympia venues in Africa and the Theatre de l‘Oeuvre in Paris. With 3.5 billion videos viewed each month, Dailymotion is one of the biggest video content aggregation and distribution platforms in the world.,,

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