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Fibria 2015 Report: From the Forest to Consumers


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Fibria, a Brazilian forest company and the world´s leading eucalyptus pulp producer, publishes its 2015 Annual Report with the theme “From the forest to consumers” describing the integration of forest, industry, and logistics in its value chain. The publication presents the challenges faced, risks mitigated, lessons learned, the company’s strategy for future growth, and how Fibria creates shared value for its business and its stakeholders.
“The cycle of our business is the cycle of the eucalyptus, which is approximately six years. We are forced to abandon an exclusively financial focus and short-term vision. We are therefore trained to deal with nature’s time cycles. This way of operating helps us acquire a sense of respect and perpetuity in everything we do”, says José Luciano Penido, Chairman of the Board at Fibria.
The publication also focuses on the new cycle of the company´s aspirations for growth, with sustainability at the center of its strategy, and many other challenges such as its expansion project in Três Lagoas, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, and the research and development of new products and services from renewable sources.
“We want to pave new roads for our portfolio. We want to do more with the forest. Complementary services and products to those we already offer will help create more value for society and strengthen us as a low-carbon company that is committed to sustainability”, says Marcelo Castelli, CEO of Fibria.
Fibria 2015 Annual Report covers the company’s results and initiatives throughout 2015 regarding social, economic, and environmental aspects. Some of the highlights include:

  • 2025 Goals. Derived from strategic pillars and in harmony with the materiality, the Board of Directors, supported by the Sustainability Committee, established six goals that Fibria should reach by 2025. These range from reduction of waste to landfills, restoration of 40,000 hectares and increases in self-sustaining social projects. The objective of the 2025 goals is to ensure the implementation of the company’s strategy and the sustainability of its business, as well as ensure Fibria’s accountability and transparency through disclosure of its achievements thus far.
  • Expansion of the Três Lagoas Unit. With estimated investments of US$ 2.2 billion, the expansion of operations in Três Lagoas, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, is one of the largest ongoing private investments in Brazil. Horizonte 2 Project will rely on sophisticated technological solutions that will maximize power generation. It will also contribute to the Brazilian trade balance, create jobs, improve quality of life and foster development at local, regional and country levels.
  • 25 years of the Forestry Savings Program. A successful partnership between company and community in which rural producers near the production units are encouraged to plant eucalyptus. Fibria funds forestry production of its partners, whose debts, converted into wood, are settled at harvest periods. In addition to subsidizing them, Fibria offers support structuring the plantations. By requiring all properties to be in accordance to the Forestry Code and state laws, the program also encourages the planting of up to 3.5% of native seedlings for forest restoration. Currently, forestry partnerships span 67,000 hectares, with participation of 1,685 producers, in 164 cities in Brazil.

Fibria 2015 Annual Report was produced in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI-G4) and the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). It is a bilingual (Portuguese and English) publication and features a printed version, a video, and three compact infographic versions, with data about the company’s value chain and information geared toward specific stakeholders – the general public, the company’s neighboring communities and its clients.   
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