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IBE updates guidance on human rights

October 2015

The Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) has updated its guidance on the promotion and protection of human rights in business practice.

The new IBE Briefing builds on the 2012 IBE Briefing, updating the scope of the challenge to business with the more recent developments. It aims to give an overview of the practical tools and frameworks that organisations can use to minimise the risk of human rights abuses in all their operations.

The Briefing offers three practical steps companies can take:

1. Disclose information in an open and timely way: this will help to evidence the commitment of the company and the efforts that have been put in place to prevent, and address, human rights abuses, says the IBE.
It will also help build trust and enhance the company’s reputation, as well as help identify a clear set of objectives for the future and areas that require more attention

2. Encourage multi-stakeholder dialogue: this create a collaborative environment, building on different stakeholders’ strengths and capacities and helpt to bring in different perspectives and possible solutions through cooperation.

3. Make reference to internationally recognised standards and frameworks in reports: these are reliable guidelines and provide benchmarking opportunities, maintains the IBE.
They also offer support and guidance in critical situations as well as give an authoritative endorsement to the programme.

The Business Ethics and Human Rights: 2015 Update is free to download here

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