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Hotel group shows no reservations over water stewardship

Leading hotel company InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) is to partner with the Water Footprint Network, to develop a worldwide water stewardship programme.

IHG says the partnership will develop a deep understanding of its water usage at a local level, applying best practice techniques and behaviours to manage and reduce its water footprint. The collaboration will build on the strong progress IHG says it is already making to reduce water consumption per occupied room in water-stressed areas, one of the company’s 2013-2017 corporate responsibility targets.

Ruth Mathews, executive director, Water Footprint Network, commented: “IHG’s global scale gives us an opportunity to make both a broad and positive impact, as well as to inspire the millions of people and guests that work and stay in IHG’s hotels.”

IHG helps its hotels to manage freshwater usage through the company’s online environmental sustainability tool, IHG Green Engage system.

In addition to water, the system gives hotels the ability to track how much carbon, and energy they are using, as well as to assess how waste is managed. IHG’s global estate of more than 4,900 hotels is enrolled, giving them access to more than 200 specific actions – or ‘Green Solutions’ – designed to reduce hotels’ environmental impact.

There are nearly 30 Green Solutions devoted to water use. These include the ability to track consumption on a monthly basis, as well as guidance on more specific water-saving solutions such as metering, rainwater harvesting, and the installation of devices such as low-flow taps and showerheads. 

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