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Tax justice campaign asks public to sign up to Fair Tax Pledge

Tax justice campaigners behind the corporate Fair Tax Mark initiative is reaching out for public support through its Fair Tax Pledge

The Fair Tax Pledge calls on the British public to show their opposition to corporate tax evasion by signing the pledge. By doing so, individuals commit to declare all their income (and that of their companies), openly, honestly and on a timely basis as well not using tax havens to reduce any tax that they owe. Signees also promise to not use marketed or abusive tax avoidance arrangements norenter into any tax arrangement contrary to the spirit of the law.

One the first signatories of the Fair Tax Pledge is Caroline Lucas MP commented: “Tax seems to have become a dirty word and I am proud to be part of this initiative to reclaim it."

Meesha Nehru of the Fair Tax Mark added: “Lots of individuals have looked at the Fair Tax Mark used by corporates and asked us how they can show their personal commitment to Fair Tax. 

"The Fair Tax Pledge gives them a simple tool to use if they want to stand up for Fair Tax. We’d encourage everyone to sign and to ask their MP to sign too, for a start.”

Campaigners say that current estimates suggest that tax evasion is costing the UK economy £120bn a year.

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