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Heaton and Abbott in tune with GMB’s Living Wage campaign

Musicians Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott are backing the GMB living wage campaign protesting against fashion retailer Next's employment practices.

The singers will be protesting alongside union members outside various Next stores during the course of their UK tour (21 November-10 December 2014).

GMB is calling on Next to pay wages and enough hours of work for people to live on. As a first step, it is calling for £7.85 per hour and £9.20 per hour in London as a move towards the £10 per hour set by GMB Congress. Next employs 50,000 workers at over 500 stores, call centres and warehouses in the UK and Ireland.

Paul Heaton commented: "We're proud to support the GMB campaign to give people a living wage. Times are really hard for working people at the moment and as both Jacqui and I started our working lives in poorly paid and undervalued jobs, this campaign is particularly important to us.

"There are people in employment, working for companies that still make massive profits in these so called times of austerity and they're not receiving a fair or decent wage.

"The GMB campaign is only asking that working people get a living wage in return for their labour. This seems a fair and reasonable request to make to all employers."

Material on Next employment practices will be given to concert goers at all 15 shows.

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