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IBE offers pension fund trustees ethical guidance

Ethical guidance for pension fund trustees is the focus of the latest report from the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE). Its new report looks at 12 key questions – ranging in topics from fiduciary duty, investment decisions and conflicts of interest - which trustees need to ask to help guide them in making sound decisions.

“The primary purpose of the fund is to deliver on its promise to provide pensions to those who rely on it, even into the distant future. Trustees have an over-arching obligation to scheme members to deliver on the pension promise,” said Peter Montagnon, the author and IBE’s Associate Director. “The biggest threat to sound decision-making comes from conflicts of interest where the pressure on trustees is greatest.”

Ethical Challenges Facing Pension Fund Trustees is designed to help pension fund trustees understand the nature of the choices they face, and encourage them to approach decision making in ways that will serve their beneficiaries well.

The IBE says the report will also be of use to any organisation wishing to align its pension fund with its ethical values as well as those working with pension fund trustees: actuaries, investment managers, advisers and consultants. ?

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