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Roger Aitken, analyst, interprets the September data

October 2014

The £76.63m Triodos Sustainable Pioneer K Retail Distribution fund top ranked over the past year to 31 August 2014 amongst UK Registered funds with cumulative return of +25.28% from the £32.79m DNB ECO AR retail A (EUR) in second place on +23.39% (versus +9.72%/171st over the past three years). Sarasin Sustainable Equity USA P USD Acc, a £30.27m fund, performed well over the past one- and three-year time horizons ranking third both times - on cumulative returns of +22.29% and +78.67%, respectively.

The £392.81m AXA Framlington Health R Inc. fund, which came in fourth last time round over the last year moved down to fifth from top on +21.07%. Over the past three and five-years it posted +81.42%/ranked 2nd and +126.90%/ranked 1st, respectively. Bottom ranked fund out of 207 funds over the past 12 months here was the £110.93m City Financial Wealth EUR X Acc fund on -15.23%. It was by a fair margin over Amundi Tréso EONIA ISR E fund in last but one spot with -6.73%.

FL/AXA Framlington Health AP Pension fund top ranked in the UK Individual pensions sector for both the past one- and three years on cumulative returns of +23.07% and +89.46%, respectively. Phoenix R Sol/Fram Health Pension fund was runner up for both the past one- and three-year periods with +21.81% and +86.60%, respectively.

L&G/Pen Neptune Green Planet fund bottom ranked in this sector out of 124 funds over the past year with a lacklustre 0.00% and -2.79% over the past three years. It outpaced ReAssure NM Deposit Pension fund for the wooden spoon (+0.22% over the past one year and a meagre +1.25% over last three). The sector as a whole exhibited the best peer group average return over the past year out five sectors in Morningstar’s analysis with +27.37%.

In the US Mutual funds sector, which exhibited the best peer group average over both three and five years at +47.24% and +81.24% respectively, Firsthand Alternative Energy, a $17.02m fund, top ranked over the past 12 months with +41.67% (against +24.67%/143rd over three years and +12.99%/159th over five. The $204.72m New Alternatives fund came second over this same period (+33.68%) versus +48.75%/87th and +49.42%/127th over three and five-year time horizons.

The €5.93m MAP Clean Technology Fund I yet again outshone peers in the European funds sector with an impressive +125.56% return over the past year, followed by consistent fund performer Economie Durable A.

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