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Freezer market hots up with Unilever’s energy efficient cabinets

Figures just out demonstrate how significant advances in refrigeration technology have resulted in a new generation of ice cream freezer cabinets capable of a 70% energy reduction.

Unilever scientists have developed hyper efficient point-of-sale freezer technology to replace current models that already deliver industry leading energy reductions of up to 50%. Once rolled out the new model has the potential to deliver savings equivalent to removing half a million cars* from the road network.

Unilever Chief Sustainability Officer, Jeff Seabright commented: “Thanks to the radical approach of our scientists Wall’s ice cream cabinets across the world are driving down energy use while driving up design and innovation standards. As the market leader in ice cream and cabinet refrigeration, the size of the reductions announced coupled with our scale allows us to make a positive difference in reducing environmental impact.

"Enjoying an ice cream or two in summer is what fond memories are made of. Now that pleasurable experience is enhanced with added climate friendly benefits to broaden those smiles.”

Unilever | Global | Carbon Emissions


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