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Food and amenity giants take up herbicide-free weed control challenge

Weedingtech, the herbicide-free weed management company, is challenging five major industry partners to test out its MW-Series and Foamstream weed control system to prove its performance against traditional weed control products.

The weed control challenge will be the largest programme of its kind ever undertaken in the UK and aims to showcase the viability of Weedingtech’s herbicide-free weed control alternative against a backdrop of growing concern about the use of glyphosate-based products. 

The challenge is being taken up by major players in the amenities, agricultural, environmental and recreational sectors: Yeo Valley Family Farm, South West Water, South West Lakes Trust, Quadron Services and G’s, Europe’s leading fresh produce company.  

Nick Mole, policy officer at the Pesticide Action Network UK (PAN UK), commented: “With the growing body of evidence showing that the use of glyphosate can potentially have harmful effects on human health and the environment PAN UK believes it is time that non chemical weed control techniques were at the forefront of people’s thinking. Weedingtech’s challenge is a clear sign that another way is possible.” 

 Weedingtech is a pioneering British company backed by a number of high-profile investors including Roman Abramovich’s Ervington Investments and Jon Moulton and family.

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