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Tesco in trouble over sales of unsustainable tuna

Britain’s biggest supermarket, Tesco, has been accused of selling unsustainable tuna by stocking a cut-price brand called Oriental & Pacific (O&P).

O&P tuna is caught using the purse seine net method which catches other species in its path such as turtles, sharks and rays. More selective forms of fishing, such as pole and line, mean that no other marine life is harmed in the process.

The supermarket was singled out for criticism last night in a documentary on Channel 4.

A Tesco spokesperson pointed out that the store’s own-brand tuna is 100% pole and line. “Customers have a great choice of sustainable tuna at Tesco,” they stated, adding that it would “insist that Oriental & Pacific makes a similar commitment to other branded suppliers who are working towards a more sustainable fishing policy”.

LDH, which owns Oriental & Pacific Tuna, refutes the claim that the brand “contains 'dirty' tuna”.


Picture credit: © Andrei Calangiu | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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