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Health bodies unite to tackle pharma fraud

Ten global health organizations have joined together in a worldwide campaign to protect consumers from the dangers of fake medicines.

According to the Fight the Fakes campaign, in some areas of Asia, Africa and Latin America fake medicines may account for up to 30% of medicines in circulation. In Africa, one-third of all malaria medicines are probably fake and it is estimated that one medicine in two purchased on illegal Internet sites that hide their physical address is fake.

"Fake medicines are one of the biggest threats to global public health. You have people, everywhere in the world, they only think about the money, their profits and don't think about the consequences – they don't think about public health. It's a global problem and we all need to come on board in fighting together, and once we're able to do that we are going to make some real strides globally in fighting counterfeit medicines," commented Dr. Stephen Opuni, chief executive of the Ghana Food and Drugs Authority.



Picture credit: © Radu Razvan Gheorghe | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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