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Roger Aitken, analyst, interprets the August data:

August 2013

Among UK Funds it was Guinness Alternative Energy C, a £1.96m fund, which secured the yellow jersey over the last one year to 30 June 2013 with a cumulative return of +39.76%. However, it compares poorly to its -26.04% over the past three years. Effectively the fund swapped places over last 12 months with the £146.37m Robeco New World Financial Eqs D EUR fund with a +39.63% return. This mirrored solid double-digit percentage performances over three and five years of +30.12% and +23.21%, respectively. Sarasin Sustainable Equity USA B, a £18.34m fund, came third top with +39.12% . Bottom once again was SUNARES but with a deteriorating -31.82% over the prior month. This exceeded the second worst performer - Robeco Natural Resources Equities D EUR - over the past year with -4.65% vs -25.94% for the past five years.

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Top among US Mutual funds was Eventide Gilead N on one-year with a +35.61% return versus a whopping +92.77% over the past three years, from Great-West Ariel Mid Cap Value Init fund (top last time) at +34.07% in second place (versus 76.94% over the past three years) and Calvert Small Cap A fund (+33.45%). Bottom ranked in this 198-fund sector was again GuideStone Funds Inflation Prtctd Bd GS4 with -4.80% .

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LSF Asian Solar & Wind A1, a European OE equity alternative energy fund, scooped the top spoils once again for the past year among the universe of European funds with +46.88%, beating Robeco GTAA D with +41.43% and Incometric Global Valor B fund (+35.74%).

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Top ranked in the UK Pension funds sector was as previously, Skandia/Ecclesiastical Amity Europe Pension, over the past one-year horizon with +33.86%, although a tad lower than the +42.80% in the prior month to end May 2013. The fund just pipped Standard Life Ethical UK 2 Pen (+33.82%) and Aviva/ATSF European Growth inet Pen (+33.58%) . The top five funds were tightly bunched on the 1-year performance and separated by only 0.37% points. ReAssure NM Deposit Pension fund ranked bottom with just +0.34% over the last 12 months. This sector exhibited the best peer group average of all five sectors (+20.99%) for the past year.

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Within the UK Insurance Funds sector Skandia performed well with its Skandia/Ecclesiastical Amity Europe Life fund once again coming top from 122 funds with +32.98% over one year, followed by Skandia/Premier Ethical Life (+29.61%). L&G/Life Neptune Green Planet was bottom ranked over one-year for the second month running but with -6.61% this time.

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Roger Aitken | Global | SRI

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