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John West launches can tracker fish sourcing tool

November 2011

A British company has created a tracking tool with which customers can trace the source of its fish.

By simply entering a barcode into a dedicated John West website, consumers can discover in which sea their fish were caught and the boat that made the catch.

John West hopes this will enhance the transparency of its sourcing policy and supply chain.

The ‘can tracker’ will eventually cover all John West products, starting with tuna, and will be rolled out during the next 18 months to include mackerel, salmon, sardines, clams, prawns, anchovies, crab, lobster and caviar. The 150-year-old company was confident consumers would approve of the results.

It said: “We work with suppliers to ensure that the principles that underpin our sourcing policy are applied to improve the traceability of fisheries products back to their origin, strengthening buying procedures within the industry.

“For example, all our mackerel suppliers commit by contract to deliver mackerel that has been caught from sustainable sources.”

John West | UK & NI Ireland | Supply Chain Management

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