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Unveiled: antidote to ‘soulless’ MBAs

May 2011

An MBA course that hopes to highlight corporate ‘lies, deceit and hype’ has been introduced in Spain.

Marbella University’s Green MBA teaches students that blind pursuit of profit is destroying the world, and is aimed at being a ‘vanguard’ degree programme to ‘set the tone for the future’.

The course covers the usual issues of a sustainability MBA such as climate change, resource scarcity and poverty, but strongly criticizes existing training on the subjects.

Publicity material on the degree reads: ‘Lies, cheat, deceit, distortion, hype and a blind pursuit of profit have poisoned the business world. The price of this has been the destruction of the planet, its ecosystems and the alienation of humans from their soul and genuine inner needs ... The world needs new managers and CEOs; new MBAs.’

Most of the topics are still discussed in the context of the ‘business world’, with little to distinguish the degree’s individual courses from existing offerings, but there is a ‘spiritual’ module on personality development.

‘Human behaviour is mostly tied to the individual psychical-spiritual state of a person,’ says the description of the course, which will utilize such knowledge to help students ‘become strong and constructive for business and life’.

The university argues that ‘The state of humanity and the planet clearly shows most masters programmes are unusable, elitist, soulless products, made by people that don’t understand anything about human beings and the values of being human.’

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