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New map sets out skills required in the CSR world

November 2010

A ‘competency map’ for corporate responsibility practitioners has been produced by Business in the Community (Bitc).

The map lists the knowledge and behaviours required for a CSR professional to be ‘successful’ – and indicates how those who lack requisite skills can acquire them.

Bitc says the map is targeted both at people already in the field and those wishing to enter it. Its main aim is to allow individuals to ‘identify their strengths and development needs in relation to their current role and to plan ahead for future roles’.

However, it can also be used to create a framework for CSR roles within organizations, and to help human resources managers in recruiting corporate responsibility staff. Bitc adds that it could help employers to support the professional development of the CSR practitioners whom they employ.

In all, 16 ‘behaviours’ are identified as useful and relevant to practitioners, including self-confidence, integrity, the ability to influence and the ability to collaborate. It says practitioners will probably have to show all 16 qualities ‘to some extent’.  

It links the behaviours to ‘desired business outcomes’, suggesting which are most likely to help to achieve every outcome.

The common business skills deemed important include those in marketing and public relations, project management, negotiation and writing. The map suggests practitioners need skills enabling them to influence without wielding power.

The map is available online without charge, but Bitc has developed allied ‘advisory services’ and workshops for which it will charge. It envisages practitioners using the map regularly ‘as their circumstances change or when they just want to focus on one issue’.

The document has been produced under the wing of the web-based Corporate Responsibility Academy, which has been run by Bitc since 2008. A previous incarnation of the academy established by the UK government produced a similar ‘competency framework’ outlining the CSR skills needed.Although the new version covers similar ground, it is organized differently and focuses on other areas.

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