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Sceptics make pledge to fight NGO demands

July 2010

A backlash campaign against non-governmental organizations accused of unfairly criticising companies over their ethical credentials has been established in Berlin.
The Green Freedom Campaign is intended to counter NGOs in Europe which, it claims, put undue pressure on corporations 'to adhere to their corporate social responsibility demands', and, as a result, often 'undermine the core business activities of these companies'.  The body says it will pay particular attention to exposing CSR demands that are 'unnecessary'.

The campaign, run by the right-wing Berlin Manhattan Institute think tank, maintains that the green movement is dominating European policy to the detriment of business, and pledges to fight for less regulation and in favour of 'ethical corporate social responsibility' that 'promotes jobs and prosperity in the developing world while also taking into consideration necessary regulations on business'.

The campaign says: 'The green movement... has focused on promoting its world view, one that claims environmental conservation should trump all other economic, social and political concerns.

'Although successfully deploying its trademark scare tactics time and again, the green movement's accomplishments have not only done little to help the environment, but also, at a time of great economic opportunity, have succeeded in keeping many people in the developing world poor.'  

One area where the new group says companies have had their attentions unnecessarily diverted is on climate change, which has been subject to 'dubious lobbying' by NGOs.

It is unclear whether the campaign has any corporate backing, but its website does not list any prominent business supporters.

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