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ISO 26000 is almost there

May 2010

The draft ISO 26000 social responsibility standard has overcome its last big obstacle, and is set to be published this year as planned.

The document has been approved by a vote of members of national standards bodies worldwide, and is now officially described as a Final Draft International Standard. If the vote had been lost, publication could have been delayed for a year.

After some textual redrafts are made this month to take account of comments from national standards bodies, the 109-page document will go to another vote, although that is expected to be a formality. The International Organisation for Standardisation says it expects ISO 26000 then to appear by the end of the year.

As well as ratification by national bodies, the standard has been supported by 42 multistakeholder liaison organizations that have participated in an ISO working group on social responsibility. The organizations, which represent business, civil society, NGOs, consumers, trade unions and governments, have had no formal vote but their approval was seen as crucial to reaching a consensus.

The final redrafting will be worked through in detail at a meeting of the working group in Denmark this month.

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