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Global home furnishings group begins to tell a never ending story

May 2010

Ikea has hit on the novel idea of compiling a ‘never ending list’ of its social and environmental improvements.

The Scandinavian furnishings group has placed the list on its website and will regularly add to it – theoretically for as long as the company exists.

So far 67 recent improvements have been noted, from changes to its catalogue format to make it more eco-friendly, to the use of geothermal energy to provide 80 per cent of the power for heating and cooling a store in Norway.

Ikea hopes the idea will raise awareness among employees and customers about actions to reduce its social and environmental impacts. As well as appearing on the web, the list is being circulated to staff, produced in extracts in the catalogue, posted in stores, and featured in the company magazine. Employees are also required this year to use an e-learning programme showing what Ikea is doing to become more sustainable, and how every staff member can contribute.

Thomas Bergmark, Ikea’s sustainability manager, explained that the list had acquired its name because ‘making improvements for a better and a more sustainable company is a never ending job’. He said: ‘There is always more work to be done, but we like to keep track of our achievements too, which is why we’ve started this continuously updated list.’

Bergmark said that although Ikea logs many improvements in its annual sustainability report, it wants to get the message to a wider audience and to have one place where all the changes can be documented.

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