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Sustainable event management

March 2010

Meegan Jones. Earthscan. 384 pages. Paperback. £29.95.

What does ‘event’ mean to you? Trade show? Exhibition? Conference? Convention? Festival? If the latter, then this book is for you. And therein lies both its strength and its weakness. Meegan Jones, by all accounts a likeable and enthusiastic Australian, has written a book that is essentially her job description – how to make an outdoor festival, probably music orientated, as green as possible.

The strength is that she has done it extremely well, and been generous with her knowledge and contacts. You could not ask for more – a logical narrative, step by step instructions, a raft of useful sources and a friendly, chatty style without being over the top. She also assumes you know nothing but manages to make it just as relevant for those who know a lot. Not easy.

The weakness is that here was an opportunity to write a guide to greening all events – and in particular the more corporate, and therefore less likely to be ‘in the tent’ (so to speak) sort of event. And those which are more usually attended by the uninitiated, uncaring or simply ignorant.

The irony is that although Jones limited herself to the largely converted audience of young festival goers, the information part of the content is as relevant to the world of corporate events as it is to festivals, with some allowances made for the fact that, for instance, men in suits are unlikely to be ready converts to composting lavatories in a city centre conference hall. But you never know – someone has to start somewhere.

Christopher Broadbent, founder, Business and a Sustainable Environment (BASE)

Christopher Broadbent | Global | Sustainability


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