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A picture of happiness: CSR practitioners in their place of work

February 2009

People working in corporate responsibility appear to be ‘overwhelmingly happy’ with their lot, according to the latest annual CSR salary survey.

The study, to be released at the end of this month, reveals that eight out of ten British CSR practitioners feel satisfied in their current role – and that 97 per cent would recommend corporate responsibility as a career.

Levels of job satisfaction applied more or less equally, whether respondents were working in-house for a company or as a consultant.

Paul Burke, senior partner at Acona consultancy, which carried out the survey with EP and the recruitment agency Acre Resources, said the results showed ‘remarkable’ levels of satisfaction. ‘We suspect this may in part be due to the fact that those working in the sector have a deep personal interest in and commitment to CSR and the opportunity to make a difference,’ he said.

Burke added that the data confirmed ‘both personal observation and anecdotal evidence that those working in the sector are overwhelmingly happy with their lot’.

The survey also found that 15 per cent of respondents actually felt more secure in their jobs, despite the recession. However, Burke warned that cutbacks might hit the morale of CSR practitioners especially hard. ‘Given the high levels of commitment, managers need to consider what impact any slackening in the pace at which this agenda is driven forward may have on employee satisfaction, motivation and retention,’ he said.

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