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Cruise ships scrub up on emissions at Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean Cruises is to retrofit 19 of its ships with advanced emissions purification (AEP) systems, underscoring its commitment to meet, or exceed, environmental standards.

The systems, also known as scrubbers, will remove more than 97% of the sulphur dioxide emissions generated by the ships' diesel engines.

The move will position the global cruise vacation company ahead of all forthcoming International Maritime Organization Emission Control Area emissions standards, and will ensure compliance with existing European Union standards, the company maintains.

Additionally, the decision to install AEP systems instead of switching to a fuel with a lower sulphur content will ensure that company's ships can be compliant everywhere they sail, as availability of lower-sulphur fuels is limited.

Royal Caribbean Cruises has been involved in the development, testing and planning for the use of AEP technology since 2010. 

"AEP technology for maritime vessels is very new, and we expect that by utilizing multiple technological solutions to accommodate the differences among our ships, additional development will ultimately help industrialize AEP technology even more, which will benefit not only us but also the larger maritime industry," said Adam Goldstein, president and coo, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

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