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December 2000

The vast majority of individual UK ethical investors are middle-aged and well educated, according to a new poll.

A survey answered by 485 ethical investors revealed that 78 per cent of them were between the ages of 36 and 65, while 83 per cent held a first degree or higher academic qualification.

The survey, carried out by Bournemouth University, also found that slightly more than half were male (52 per cent), that two-thirds had an annual income below £25,000 (€41,800) and that around half (51 per cent) invested 50 per cent of their funds ethically.

When questioned about the issues they felt most strongly about in investment terms, less than half (47 per cent) said they regarded involvement with alcohol as important to their investment decisions.

By contrast, almost all (97 per cent) said they wanted to avoid investments in armaments or companies that were involved in damaging the environment (94 per cent) or carried out animal testing (89 per cent).

The investors were drawn from clients of Holden Meehan, a firm of UK independent financial advisors that specialises in ethical investment advice.


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