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Denmark tops sustainable development league

May 2012

Research ranking sustainable development potential worldwide has listed the Scandinavians as the most competitive nations and Asian nations as the most innovative.

The Sustainable Competitiveness Index, which adapts corporate evaluation methodology for the purpose of national assessment, places Denmark, Sweden and Norway in top positions, and Austria, Japan, Switzerland and Germany close behind.

The metric shows the opportunities and risks for investors and companies and has four pillars: natural capital, resource intensity, sustainable innovation and competitiveness, and social cohesion.

Suriname, Sudan, Singapore and Norway respectively topped these individual categories.

Of the 176 countries analysed from World Bank, IMF and UN data, most experienced particular water problems, suggesting the continued dominance of the resource as a CSR issue.

Europe dominated the main index, but Asian nations were considered the most likely to improve in the near future.

On the basis mainly of research, development and education, Singapore, China, Japan and South Korea top the Sustainable Innovation Competitiveness ranking, although SolAbility, the consultancy that produced the research, said that achieving sustainable development in these countries might be compromised by natural capital constraints and their present low level of resource efficiency.

SolAbility | Global | Sustainability

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