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Offset ban works for Nike

March 2010

The sportswear multinational Nike managed to reduce its carbon emissions last year after deciding to stop carbon offsetting.

Nike's latest CSR report says its total greenhouse gas footprint amounted to 1.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2009 – down from 1.6 million in 2008 and 7.5 million in 1997-98.

The company says its decision last year to stop buying carbon offsets, pledging to make all reductions within its own operations, has helped the company develop a firmer focus on reducing emissions.

Many companies still support offsetting schemes, but some are beginning to question their validity. Travel agent also recently abandoned carbon offsetting, saying it had become a distraction (EP11, issue 8, p5) .

In the year before dropping its offsetting policy, Nike bought more than 18,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide offsets.

But it now says it prefers 'to achieve climate neutrality through a combination of energy efficiency and the purchase of more direct forms of renewable energy, through onsite applications and other means.'

Nike has not yet set itself any carbon reduction targets but has introduced a programme to monitor the carbon footprint of factories and provide better energy education for employees.

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