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Conservatives unveil sustainable consumption moves


A Conservative government in Britain would form a cross-sector group to work with companies to ensure that all new appliances and electronic devices sold in the country have their economy modes as the default setting.  

Party leader David Cameron announced the pledge at last month’s Sustainable Consumption Institute conference in London. He said the group would try to reach agreement with businesses rather than regulating.

Cameron said: ‘I believe it’s time industry manufactured products that automatically economize on their energy use. Televisions should no longer have standby modes and washing machines should have the low energy mode as standard. This will not require a giant leap in innovation. It’s just the responsible thing to do.’

One regulation from a Conservative administration would be a new emissions performance standard for energy production. ‘Any new power plant built in this country must generate energy that is at least as clean as that produced by a modern gas power station,’ Cameron told delegates. ‘Dirty energy has no future in the market and long-term investment decisions must take this into account.’

He said he would compel energy companies to publish information on all household energy bills, ‘which allows households to compare their consumption to the average consumption of others’.

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