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Investment opportunities for a low carbon world

September 2009

Will Oulton (ed). Hardback. 365 pages. GMB. £35.63

Based on the premise that much of the movement towards a low carbon world will need to be driven by investors, this enlightening collection of essays encourages fund managers and trustees to pull their fingers out – and quickly.

Editor Will Oulton, FTSE’s director of responsible investment, has assembled an impressive cast of 30 contributors for the job, including high-profile experts from think tanks, the renewable energy world, the investment community, and companies that have been at the forefront of reducing carbon emissions.

Their thoughts are presented in three logically sequenced sections that look first at the key features of, and growth potential for, alternative technologies; then at ways in which investors can analyse the performance of companies operating in those spheres; and finally at how some have already begun to devise strategies that allow them to invest in such firms.

For the lay person, the first part – which takes up half the book – will be the most useful, for it clearly lays out information on activities such as wind and solar power that many of us ought to know but don’t. Parts two and three are more specialist and investor-focussed, and give pointers to how mainstream investors can plot a way forward.

The conclusion: that all prudent investors should allocate a proportion of their assets into environmental markets, but that most ‘are behind the curve’. Maybe this book will help them move along that curve a bit further.

Peter Mason | Global | Carbon Emissions


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