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'European Commission's Green Paper on Corporate Social Responsibility' by Brigid Benson


From the Senior Partner, The Gæia Partnership

With reference to the Guest Column by Martin Le Jeune responding to the European Commission's Green Paper on Corporate Social Responsibility, I believe regulation drives innovation, as we have seen in the US with regard to environmental policy.

Voluntary agreements and arrangements over matters that affect human and social rights have not worked in the past. Regulation alone has led to minimum standards on education, health and safety and wages in industrialized countries.

Anyone who reads the latest UN Report on Climate Change will see where lack of regulation and tax incentives have led us to - with devastating impacts on environment and communities.

The best companies will go beyond regulation, but the majority need to be dragged by regulation into corporate behaviour that will look after the interests of the majority of peoples, and also the planet.

Brigid Benson
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