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May 1999

Welcome to Ethical Performance, Europe’s only independent newsletter to cover what companies are doing now to improve and manage their ethical performance, and also investing institutions involved in the business of ethical investment.

Ethical Performance is the only publication to give you a concise monthly executive overview of the latest developments in both these fields all in one place, enabling you to track what your peers and competitors are doing.

We will also offer practical advice on how to manage, quantify and improve corporate ethical performance. We intend to do this by seeking the views of leading global practitioners.

Initially focusing on the UK, Ethical Performance will later extend its reach to Europe. Ethical Performance takes no editorial position on the rights and wrongs of a particular issue: it does not preach or say what it thinks ought to be done, but reports only what is being done.

It also provides names of contact persons who can give further information. Comment is confined to contributors’ columns and one editorial.

The management of a reputation is arguably now the greatest challenge facing companies. If this newsletter helps your organization to improve its ethical performance, or to identify companies meeting specific stock selection criteria, it will have been worth the effort of producing it. I very much hope that your organization will be able to support us.

Alistair Townley, Publisher


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