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wide range of views included in European CSR forum

November 2002

A business body that has been one of the main campaigners against regulation on corporate social responsibility has become a key member of the European Commission’s multi-stakeholder forum on CSR.

The forum, which held its inaugural meeting last month, will be run by a co-ordinating committee that includes two representatives from the Union of Industrial and Employers’ Confederations of Europe. Unice was one of the fiercest critics of regulation during the consultation leading up to the EC’s recent white paper which recommended the creation of the forum (EP4, issue 4).

The other four members of the committee, each also providing two representatives, are the business-led campaigning group CSR Europe, the European Trade Union Confederation, the Platform of European Social NGOs and the EC itself, which will be in the chair.

Fourteen other organizations, including the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry, will make up the forum, which will meet at least once a year. A further 12, including the European Sustainable and Responsible Investment Forum, will be invited to attend meetings with observer status.

The forum’s mission will be ‘to create a common understanding of CSR, and enhance its credibility and effectiveness in helping to achieve EU economic, social and environmental aims’.

The forum will report its findings to the Commission by mid-2004.


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