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Sustainserv, Inc.

31 State Street
10th Floor
MA 02109
+1 617 330 5001

Sustainserv is a global sustainability consultancy that provides comprehensive strategic advisory, analytics and communications services for companies seeking innovative and pragmatic approaches to sustainability strategy development, stakeholder engagement, quantitative analysis of sustainability related impacts, and clear and effective communications.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts and Zurich Switzerland, our multidisciplinary approach draws on more than 50 person-years of experience across many different sectors to help our clients develop actionable roadmaps for responsible and sustainable business practices. The Sustainserv team includes expertise in business strategy, data and analytics, and corporate communications, supported by expert project management and outstanding interpersonal skills.

Companies hire us when they are seeking to:

  • understand their sustainability-relevant landscape and context, including the positioning of peers, competitors, customers and suppliers;
  • design short-, medium and long term sustainability strategies and action plans;
  • collect, compile and analyze data from across their operations and facilities;
  • understand the life-cycle impacts of products or services;
  • engage with stakeholders in a structured, genuine and credible manner;
  • identify and prioritize risks in their supply chains;
  • develop state-of-the-art corporate sustainability reports and help develop responses to others requests for information, including DJSI, CDP, UNGC and other reporting formats.


  • Integrated Reporting
  • Sustainability
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