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24 November 2016 - 25 November 2016 Event
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Sustainable development: What is and isn’t sustainability
The three principles of nature & business
Definitions & interpretations of the elements of sustainability
Triple bottom line approach of sustainability
Case study: VW and the dark side of sustainability

MODULE 2: Current Global and Local Legislation for Sustainability and GHG Emissions

Sustainability – COP 21 outcomes and future impact
Sustainability: the UN Global Compact & the updated Millennium Goals (September 2015)
Corporate governance and sustainability legislation
New sustainability trends and regulation

MODULE 3: Sustainability (CSR) Strategy and Related Global Standards & Guidelines (UN Global Compact, GRI , SROI)

Stakeholder matrix
Creating a sustainable (CSR) strategy.A step by step approach
Sustainable supply chain
Global Models Presentation and Description: Global Reporting Initiative (G4), UN Global Compact
How to calculate Sosial Return on Investment
Best practices and case studies on successful sustainability strategies

MODULE 4: Responsible Communication and How to Avoid Blue and Green Washing

What are ‘Green’ and ‘Cause-Related’ Marketing?
Responsible communication
How to avoid blue and green washing (related videos will be presented)

MODULE 5: The importance of Sustainability in Supply Chain and Carbon Footprint Reduction

CSR strategy & stakeholders
CSR in the supply chain
Stakeholder engagement strategy
The rise of the carbon footprint strategy as part of the environmental strategy. What can organizations do?
Carbon accounting and WRI Greenhouse Gas Protocol
Carbon offsetting
Case study: IKEA

MODULE 6: Sustainability (CSR/ ESG) Reporting Based on GRI and How to Communicate

The importance of sustainability ratings (DJSI, CSRHUB)
Understanding reporting
Why report?
GRI G4 Guidelines: Reporting on the Triple Bottom Line
Case Studies & exersize
Best practices on reporting communication

MODULE 7: External Assurance

The importance of external assurance
What is external assurance for sustainability
Assurance process
Assurance standards

MODULE 8: The Role of the Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner and Future Trends

Sustainability (CSR) Assignment (Prerequisite for becoming a Certified IEMA Sustainability Practitioner)

Through this assignment you will be able to put in place practical tools and apply course learnings. This assignment is a very important part of the course not only for your certification but also to apply sustainability to your organization.

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