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Climate Change: A Guide for Corporates

written by Hennie Stoffberg & Paul Prinsloo
published by Unisa Press

date of publication: 2009

recommended retail price: R230.00

...   What is needed is a straightforward guide that appeals to the career managers desire for structure, process and predictable outcomes.  This is what Dr. Hennie Stoffberg and Dr. Paul Prinsloo have delivered by producing a very usable booklet for conceptualizing and planning corporate climate change strategy, and the realities of prospering in a low carbon society.  The book is free of jargon, identifies the most relevant experts in the field and defines in the simplest terms the key elements that should constitute a credible corporate response to climate change.  It provides the much needed kick start that we all need to evolve strategies capable of arresting climate change!
 Brian Leroni, Group Corporate Affairs Executive, MASSMART Holdings Limited

This book not only actively demystifies the corporate response to climate change, but also ensures that everyone can do something to address climate change. It leads readers to reconsider the relationship between climate change and the corporate world.  

  This is a compact guided journey into the increasingly regulatory and auditing environment which hold corporations accountable for their carbon footprint.
  The authors provide key pointers to business in a comprehensive overview of factors to consider when formulating appropriate and effective responses to climate change.  
  Appropriate corporate climate change responses are vital.
To this end, the authors provide an overview of South African media publications which highlights not only the imperative for a corporate response to climate change, but also the change in paradigm faced by business. Here, the reader is drawn into the most current corporate climate change debate through printed media excerpts and accompanying corresponding graphics and photos.  

The book continues with an intriguing report on an empirical study conducted on the web database of the newspaper Business Day. Findings point to the most important climate change topics of discussion in specifically the corporate environment over the last 11 years. The local Business Day frequency search is also positioned in an international context with similar searches conducted in the Wall Street Journal, the London Financial Times and the Australian Financial Review.

The book offers a method of corporate climate change response benchmarking, reporting and accounting via a corporate climate change response “checklist” and a description of its use by various corporate stakeholders. This handy checklist is organised into ten domains that will assist business to have an overview of the whole field of climate change and concise pointers in each of these domains.
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